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When it comes to Phuket the undeniable truth is that you’ll never run out of чем заняться в Патонге. The beautiful beaches on the west coast of the town have grown to be a major touristic resort and it’s unique combination of shores and nightlife make it the standout location in the city. To a point that some people want to exclusively visit Patong instead of hosting themselves in other parts of пхукет. And if you are looking for the best hotel in Patong then there are definitely a lot of options to consider. Like the Andatel Grande Patong Phuket Hotel, which being just 3 minutes away by foot from the beach ensures that you’ll always be near the fun and get to enjoy the best of hotel patong and beach life.


But what exactly is what has made Patong so popular with it’s visitors? Patong’s main attraction is undoubtedly it’s beach, which looks endless from wherever you look. Patong beach is just massive and it’s notorious length has given space for many activities and interest points to be formed around it. While visitors can sunbathe and swim at will a lot of other activities have formed around the shore. Snorkeling is particularly popular in the beach, and Surfing is also available though it’s generally less common.

Interestingly the other half of Patong’s appeal is not really tied down to the shore. And it all comes down to it’s nightlife. Patong counts with a booming and always active nightlife where disco nightclubs reign supreme. Locations like the Illuzion and White Room night clubs are some of the most visited in town and count with large scale events and musician performances that bring a completely new style to the nightscape of Patong. And make sure that regardless of the hour of the day there will always be something interesting in the town.

Andatel Grande Patong Phuket Hotel

Address41/9, 200 ซอย ราษฎร์อุทิศ 200 ปี 1 Pa Tong, Phuket, 83150, Thailand

Patong Blogger – Best hotel & restaurant

I never knew I had another side to my usually quiet persona until I decided on a week get-away in Phuket, Thailand, with two of my best friends from college, Whatever I thought I knew about myself was a lie, I discovered myself in Phuket.

We planned the trip for three months since no-one wanted last minute changes. we booked three exclusive rooms at the Mirage Patong rooms. I like Mirage Patong for its neatness and prompt room service, plus they have a great roof top pool with an amazing view of Patong. The patong city hotel was also within walking distance of everything we needed.

I am a bad dancer, but a visit to the famous Bangla Road changed that. We went to this club that has some trans exotic dancers, maybe it was then or my friends, I found myself wilding away on the dance floor with abandon. Went from a novice dancer to a pro in one night! Later, we were serenaded to jazz at another club next door till the early morning.

We left the club feeling famished. There were lots of fast-food restaurants opened and doing brisk business, we settled for a Japanese theme restaurant with amazing sushi deals in bangkok on offer. Not only do they have a good sushi deal, but they also had excellent sushi selections. The food was worth every baht we spent.

Next day we went to Koh Hae Island in a fibre glass speedboat. It is such a bewitchingly amazing place. The coral reef is an amazing sea of colour and aquatic splendor. The water is so clear and alluring, has lots of fishes you can see swimming past. We rented a parasailing gear, and I was launched into the air by a speedboat to an even better пхукет просмотров. I could see the southern tip of the island, especially the big sitting Buddha in the distance. I had my first scuba diving lesson at Koh Hae. It was a well spent day.

We took an adrenalin filled trip to Phuket Town in a three-wheeler that locals called ‘tuk tuk’. It was racy, and riding in an open semi-car with the least worry in the world might seemed dangerous, but it was worth the experience. We paid a visit to the Wat Chalong, enjoy the sunset in Patong Beach and generally had a lifetime of fun.

Mirage Patong Phuket Hotel

Address184 25-28 ถนน ผังเมืองสาย ก Pa Tong, Kathu District, Phuket 83150, Thailand
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